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Do you know Him?

If you know Jesus, you may have heard we are to be bold. We are not to be lukewarm or mediocre Christians. The very word “Christian” has lost so much of it’s meaning because many people claim to know Christ but do not carry themselves in a way that is synonymous with Christ. Christian is literally supposed to be a bearer of the name of Christ. To carry His face instead of your own. To have His name across your chest instead of your own. If only that were true throughout the world! A¬†rejuvenation¬†of the word must take place from true heart change. Those who claim Christ must rise up and be bold with their faith. If you know Him like I know Him, it is a very difficult thing to shrink back and stay quiet because you know the King.

ICLAIM CHRIST. If you know Him like I know Him, what do you claim?