Praverb interviews with ICLAIM regarding what it means to be a Christ Claimer.

Interview With Praverb

We recently interviewed a Christian Hip-Hop artist and owner of the website He has several albums out and his most recent can be found here: “Professional Hobbyist” by Praverb the Wyse. He agreed to spend some time answering questions specific to “Claiming Christ” and what it means to him personally. Thanks Praverb! 

First and foremost, please introduce yourself:

My name is Patrick aka Praverb or Praverb the Wyse and I am ninja that resides in Virginia. I have trained with Shaolin monks a top Mount Everest. Haha…actually I am a flawed Christian, progressing emcee, student of life and overall joker.

Of what I have been able to observe of the way you conduct yourself online, you are a extemely helpful person when it comes to putting others before you in music. For example, you have a website that is almost entirely devoted to the independent hip-hop artist. What is your goal in doing that?

Thank you Chris for the question and taking the time to interview me. Congrats on the baby by the way. was created originally to keep the audience updated with my own material. I found that I was posting content about things constantly. About a year or two in I decided to focus on promoting other artists. I did this for a year and I was able to interview artists, beatmakers, record label personnel etc.

A lot of relationships were formed. I found out that artists were not really promoting material that I invested my time into. So the music blogging started to fade. Recently I have been enamored with sharing information with a target audience (musicians, artists, etc).

The goal is the provide information for up and coming musicians.

Philippians 2:3-4 (The Message) says: “Don’t push your way to the front; don’t sweet-talk your way to the top. Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.” I read this verse this morning and ironically thought of you before our interview. I think it fits you well because I see that this is your attitude. Would you agree?


Yes, I would definitely agree. Pride decreases our effectiveness. Pride is something that we all deal with. It is something that causes us to be selfish. I will not get on a pedestal and state that I am flawless and do not exhibit pride.

When we work together we are stronger. Your expertise is just as important to my expertise. Your life experiences are meaningful to me. Your knowledge could be my weakness. I think that we can all learn from one another and that is why I advocate collaboration.

Our main goal with ICLAIM is to create clothing that sparks dialogue between us as those who “Claim Christ” and people that see the clothing. How would you define claiming Christ in how you conduct yourself?

You know what, I wore the shirt recently and it did just that, it sparked communication that is centered on Christ. In a world that is increasingly secular we have to find out a way to approach people with love. I try to be the best example I can be. The most important thing is to show love and spread love.

Our words have to also reflect our belief system. I am learning to share positive thoughts and ideas with everyone and not be a cancer. Remember that cancer or a virus is infectious and it eventually can destroy the body. I want my words and influence to be the antidote against the devices of the Devil.

Claiming Christ is more than just stating that you are a Christian. Our behavior, our words, our temperament, the way we handle tribulations should always reflect Christ. Matthew 5:14 suggests that we must be a light to the world. We definitely need to be that light and shine bright.

Is there anything else you would like to add that I have not asked?

No, it is crazy how technology can bring people together. I would have never known about you if it wasn’t for the internet and word of mouth. I thank you for your friendship, your role as a father, and your quest as a man of God and businessman.

Thank you for reaching out to me when I am stumbling. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to interact with me.

To keep up with Praverb the Wyse, you can find him here:

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