ICLAIM Clothing is a company devoted to representing our maker. Those who wear this mark know that we are to be bold in our representation of His name. Just the same as a wedding ring does not make you married but represents a marriage covenant. Our clothing does not make you a believer but represents you as one who has come forward as a believer. We make our claim across our chest. ICLAIM CHRIST. What do you claim?

ICLAIM’s Mission: Christian Missionary Musician Support

ICLAIM Clothing exists to serve the Christian musician community by providing support to Artists in need. Musicians are our modern-day missionaries in a lot of ways. They influence youth and stir emotions. Their music echoes ideas and in our Christian beliefs, the music played points to Jesus, our King.

Often times, musicians have a great deal of pressure put on them to perform and live up to a image forced on them by their fans. It can be a lonely road and can come without “thank yous” or support. Artists can get burnt out just like pastors or missionaries. Christian musicians need to be prayed for, supported and looked after as they are on the front lines bringing hope to our generation.

ICLAIM Clothing is looking to partner with fans, music lovers & people who love Jesus to provide a way to show these musicians we love them. Going forward, we want to show artists that we care and love them by providing tangible support where necessary. Ask us how you can help!

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